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History of liberty and time

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Memminger Christmas market

25.11 - 18.12.2022
Align time for the first Advent, the Christkindlesmarkt – Christmas Market – is opened by torchlight by the Lord Mayor and the Christ Child. Until shortly before Christmas, around 30 stalls offer their Christmas goods, framed by the town hall, guildhall, custom’s house and beautiful town houses.


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Liberty and contemporary history

Memmingen has written history and our guides bring it to life! A place where the tragic recent history of Jewish life or the 30 Years’ War can be experienced up close, and where a successful uprising for greater civil liberties also took place.

Freedom 1525

The free imperial city of Memmingen became Protestant during the Reformation in the 16th century. Social injustices, especially against the peasants, led to great unrest throughout the country. As the city of Memmingen seemed moderate in its attitude, the peasant leaders chose it as a meeting centre. They wanted a new beginning with freedom, justice, self-determination and co-determination for their own, often poor lives. In the parlour of the Shopkeepers’ guild on the Weinmarkt, the 12 famous Articles were collated and publicised.


Price:€ 75,00 € (Duration  1 to 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

Freedom and frustration: Memmingen in the 16th century

How did the modern upheavals in politics, society, religion and art affect the everyday life of the people of the imperial city - their customs, language and attitude to life? We'll tell you all about it on a lovely tour of the old town.

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Price:€ 75,00 € (Duration  1 to 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

Of freedom in faith and life - MM at the time of the Reformation

The Reformation was a turbulent and moving time, now nearly 500 years behind us.
Memmingen was initially influenced by the Swiss preacher Christoph Schappeler, but only later did the city become Lutheran. We take a look at this historic and exciting development at several sites around the city. The "12 Peasants’ Articles" written in Memmingen have found a place in our global history, receiving the appreciation they deserve.


Price:€ 75,00 € (Duration  1 to 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz


For this tour, we meet at the Liberty Fountain in the city centre in sight of the Kramerzunft - the Shopkeepers’ Guild. It was there, in the year 1525, that the first bill of human rights on European soil were composed: the famous 12 Articles. A few steps further on, you’ll see the Fugger Building, dominating the Schweizerberg like a city palace. This long-forgotten European family of financiers maintained a special clinic in Memmingen.


Top sights and an exciting city history form the framework for an entertaining tour through the former free imperial city.


Price:€ 75,00 € (Duration  1 hour)
Meeting place:Liberty Fountain at the Weinmarkt

Changing times: 12 women - 12 stories



The city tour is an encounter with women from Memmingen whose common feature was the time in which they lived. All of them lived or worked in Memmingen and experienced both the Second World War and the time of reconstruction. They belonged to the generations of out mothers and grandmothers, who often defined themselves through work for the entirety of their lives. Tour guide and local historian Sabine Streck will outline life stories in which seemingly familiar things are seen in a new light, and many an inconspicuous house is given a surprising new meaning through its former inhabitant. With a few exceptions, the basis of this special city tour is taken from the two book publications of the Frauengeschichtswerkstatt e.V. “Memminger Frauen Band 1 and Band 2”./p>




Price:€ 85,00 € (Duration  1½ hours)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

Jewish life in Memmingen




The history of Jews in Memmingen begins and ends for the first time in the Late Medieval period. From the late 19th century, Jewish families were once again living and working in Memmingen. The systematic extermination of the Jewish religious community began with the destruction of the Memmingen synagogue on the Schweizerberg in November 1938. By March 1942, there were no longer any Jews living in Memmingen. 106 of the Jewish residents of the city were murdered during the Nazi regime. The route on this special guided tour leads to residential and commercial buildings in the old town and ends with a visit to the Jewish cemetery.




Prices:€ 85,00 € (Duration  1 to 1½ )| € 75.00 (schoolchildren)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

Memmingen in the Third Reich




After the Nazis seized power in 1933, life in Memmingen also changed. Old familiar streets and squares were renamed, historic buildings were to make way for large parade grounds, and public life was adapted to and controlled by National Socialist ideology. Resistance was systematically suppressed. Based on historical facts and testimonies of contemporary witnesses, a picture of Memmingen's dark times emerges.

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Prices:€ 85,00 € (Duration  1 to 1½ )| € 75.00 (schoolchildren)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

The fate of Jewish girls and women




"I am to leave today..." is the last sign of life from a Memmingen Jew to her sister. Anti-Semitic riots occurred in Memmingen as early as after the First World War. The persecutions reached their peak between 1938 and 1942. The suffering of Jewish girls and women who were initially shunned, teased and later persecuted will be illustrated by the life stories of some Jewish women from Memmingen. This special guided tour of the city takes visitors to the homes and businesses of former Jewish citizens and provides a close-up look at this gruesome chapter of German history.




Prices:€ 85,00 € (Duration  1 to 1½ )| € 75.00 (schoolchildren)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

Memmingen bewusst erleben

"Es macht mir Freude anderen (Einheimischen und Gästen) unsere schöne Stadt und auch ihre versteckten Reize zu zeigen, mit Geschichten Geschichte zu erzählen und Informationen auf unterhaltsame Art („Infotainment“) aufzubereiten."                                  – Stadtführer Herbert Heuß