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Tourist Information Memmingen gewinnt ADAC-Tourismuspreis Bayern 2024

Die Tourist Information Memmingen gewinnt bei der Preisverleihung des ADAC-Tourismuspreises Bayern den 2. Platz. Ihr Projekt TIMO, das radelnde Tourist-Info Mobil, konnte sie sich gegen 33 Mitbewerber:innen behaupten. Mehr Informationen zum Projekt „TIMO“ unter Tourist-Info-Mobil

Bild: ADAC Nordbayern e.V.

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Wander around, enjoy and experience Memmingen’s historic old town. A stroll through the colourful city centre is an ideal way to discover Memmingen’s liveliness and variety.

You are always accompanied by history on your path - the pedestrian zone belongs to the heart of the old city and joins the former craftsmen’s and patrician quarters.

The Memminger pedestrian zone begins at Schrannenplatz to the south in the craftsmen’s quarter. This is a wide open space in contemporary style with water fountains and the much-loved "Fischerbrunne" - the fisherman's fountain. It takes a leisurely meander all the way north into the centre of the patrician quarter and ends at the historic marketplace. It’s the heart of the old town, also known as the “good parlour”. In the centre of town, the pedestrian zone shopping street crosses over the Weinmarkt with its guild houses and the 9 metre tall "Freiheitsbrunne" - the liberty fountain. The fountain’s 12 interlocking bronze tablets symbolize the 12 Articles, considered to be the first record of fundamental rights on German soil.

Don’t hesitate to take a detour into one of the side alleys. That way, you might discover one of the hidden cafés, or suddenly find yourself at the Stadtbach where you can take a break by the water. Cast a glance upwards from the display windows, and discover Memmingen’s beautiful house façades with magnificent murals and intricate corbels.

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18.07.2024 - 00:00 Uhr


Um 09:15 Uhr treffen sich alle Kinder der Memminger Grundschulen auf dem Marktplatz. Nach dem gemeinsamen Singen und Tanzen findet am Nachmittag der traditionelle Kinderfestzug auf das Stadiongelände statt. mehr erfahren