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Tourist Information Memmingen gewinnt ADAC-Tourismuspreis Bayern 2024

Die Tourist Information Memmingen gewinnt bei der Preisverleihung des ADAC-Tourismuspreises Bayern den 2. Platz. Ihr Projekt TIMO, das radelnde Tourist-Info Mobil, konnte sie sich gegen 33 Mitbewerber:innen behaupten. Mehr Informationen zum Projekt „TIMO“ unter Tourist-Info-Mobil

Bild: ADAC Nordbayern e.V.


Colmarer Straße am Stadtpark Neue Welt
87700 Memmingen


Pets allowed

It is surrounded by the Stadtpark Neue Welt, the former State Garden Show grounds. In summer there is a beer garden, Kneipp facilities, a playground and a wakeboard facility as well as extensive walking paths. Within a four-minute walk you will find a bakery, butcher's shop, drinks market and supermarket. You can also reach the historic old town along the town stream in a few minutes.

GPS: Latitude 47 degrees 59.475 minutes N
Longitude: 10 degrees 11.008 minutes E

18 (exclusively for motorhomes), eastern row 6 meters, western row 7 meters

Opening hours:
Open all year round

1 day 10,00 €, 2 days 15,00 €. 3 days 20,00 € with parking machine
length of stay: 3 nights (max. 72 hours)

Year-round wastewater disposal either on-site or at the sewerage treatment plant in Heimertingen, grey water for rinsing €0.50. Fresh water available all year: two separate water taps, 100 l for €0.50. Electricity: one socket per pitch, 4 KW/h for €0.50. Reservation not possible.  WC in the city park ‘Neue Welt’ available during the café opening hours; recycling facility at the ‘Kaufmarkt’ supermarket parking area (Dr.-Karl-Lenz-Str.),  and ‘Illerpark’ ( Fraunhoferstraße) – please note that recycling is not allowed between midday and 2 pm or 10 pm to 6 am due to noise restrictions.The number of currently available pitches can be found on the web page.

Our mobile tourist information comes to the camper site during the summer vacations (Mon - Fri) at about 12:15. On the hottest days of the year, the guides have cool water with them and dog treats for the dog. 

Pets allowed