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Memminger Children's Festival

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Tourist Information Memmingen gewinnt ADAC-Tourismuspreis Bayern 2024

Die Tourist Information Memmingen gewinnt bei der Preisverleihung des ADAC-Tourismuspreises Bayern den 2. Platz. Ihr Projekt TIMO, das radelnde Tourist-Info Mobil, konnte sie sich gegen 33 Mitbewerber:innen behaupten. Mehr Informationen zum Projekt „TIMO“ unter Tourist-Info-Mobil

Bild: ADAC Nordbayern e.V.

Memminger Children's Festival

87700 Memmingen


The children's festival with its over 440-year-old tradition goes back to the custom of the school walk in the spring. The three best boys and the three best girls were chosen as queens and kings. Today, all participating children from Memmingen’s primary and middle schools receive gifts. At the successful end of the school year, there are joint church services, followed by singing and dancing on the market square. In the afternoon, the children move in a fanciful procession to the playground on the stadium grounds. The " little rod" carried during the procession originated from the rods originally decorated with the royal insignia of sceptre and crown. It is in fact the symbol of the children's festival.