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Historical Wallenstein week

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Tourist Information Memmingen gewinnt ADAC-Tourismuspreis Bayern 2024

Die Tourist Information Memmingen gewinnt bei der Preisverleihung des ADAC-Tourismuspreises Bayern den 2. Platz. Ihr Projekt TIMO, das radelnde Tourist-Info Mobil, konnte sie sich gegen 33 Mitbewerber:innen behaupten. Mehr Informationen zum Projekt „TIMO“ unter Tourist-Info-Mobil

Bild: ADAC Nordbayern e.V.

Historical Wallenstein week

Fischertagsverein Memmingen e.V., Am Einlaß 5 ½
87700 Memmingen

+49 0 8331 495065

A journey back in time. Be amazed, sympathise and immerse yourself.

Every four years, a major event takes place in Memmingen under the motto "Wallenstein 1630 in Memmingen – Citizens of the town play out their history". More than 4,000 participants faithfully re-recreate the events of the year 1630 in Memmingen, when the Bohemian general Wallenstein was in Memmingen. A colourful programme offers varied entertainment for young and old, from adventurous equestrian games, historical church services, medieval parades and authentic camp life, as well as a craftsman's market. For that reason, a trip to Memmingen during Wallenstein week is an experience for the whole family, be it just for a day or for a whole weekend.