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Memminger Christmas market

25.11 - 18.12.2022
Align time for the first Advent, the Christkindlesmarkt – Christmas Market – is opened by torchlight by the Lord Mayor and the Christ Child. Until shortly before Christmas, around 30 stalls offer their Christmas goods, framed by the town hall, guildhall, custom’s house and beautiful town houses.


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Coursonauts - discover new worlds

Courses in architecture, urban planning and design for kids from 5, teens and adults.

We’ll start a course programme again once the situation around the Corona virus calms down. In addition to the regular courses, there will also be programmes suitable for day-trippers and short break visitors.

We offer the following units depending on the age group:
  • Half-day programme for kids and teens (3-5 year olds can also participate if they are accompanied by adults)
  • Day programme for various ages including kids from 5 and teens without accompaniment as well as courses for adults.
  • Two-day programme for short-stay holidaymakers (adults) who would like to spend 2 days intensively dealing with design topics.

The options for teens favour school holiday times.

Course for kids from the age of 5:

What does a shark's tooth have to do with the Eiffel Tower?
Why doesn't a shrew live in an elephant's cage and why does the city sound different from the village?

What do all the houses in the world have in common?
Why are baths often blue and what does spaghetti have to do with bridges?

Come to the Coursonauts’ architect’s workshop to discover, stack, glue, cut, layer, etch and study, to draw, map, design and try things out.

Courses for older children and teens from the age of 12:

What does an architect do?
Come along to the Coursonauts’ architect’s office and try it out for yourself.

Find out, for instance, how rooms affect you and what colours can transform, how light influences your life or how a city functions.

We plan, draw, build models and study the city.
Why - how - what.... So many questions, so many ideas.
Join the Coursonauts and explore the exciting world of building and designing with us.

Courses for adults:

Are you interested in architecture, beautiful interior design, furniture or design? At the Coursonauts you will find exciting workshops on these topics.

You are also welcome to book us as a small group, for example, for an outing with friends, to celebrate a birthday or another very special occasion with us, and also to present yourself and your guests with many new ideas and inspirations. Just get in touch with us - we will design an unforgettable, creative day for you in the Coursonauts’ workshop.