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City of Civil Liberties

Memmingen has borne the title 'City of Civil Liberties" since the summer of 2020.
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New cycle paths

Five new routes invite you to explore Memmingen and the surrounding area by bike.
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Exactly mmy experience


A haven of peace, adventure playground and historical setting. Memmingen has many sides - and we want to share them with you!
Experience trends and tradition, people, the “Memminger Mau” (moon) and other stories. This is where nature, culture, enjoyment, and history converge into one.

City tours with pizazz

Shopping in Memmingen

Inspiring, intoxicating, Memmingen. You can come and see our cultural highlights.

Experience Memmingen with all of your senses

"As a tour guide, I know that anyone who has been here and experienced the picturesque old town is thrilled. My tip: enjoy Memmingen with all of your senses! Places of interest, history, culture and a visit to one of our wonderful cafés."

– City tour guide Sabine Streck

Our city wall 

Our old city wall – a site filled with myth and legend
For centuries, the citizens of the imperial city of Memmingen concerned themselves with their safety, and they constructed, expanded and repaired their city fortifications at great expense. The gates, towers and the city wall should have protected the people of Memmingen from the threat of danger, but it did not always succeed... Explore our city walls along one of our circular routes.

The 7 landmarks of Memmingen

Many cities have a landmark, but Memmingen has seven.

The Blue Column is one of the seven landmarks of Memmingen and stands on the market square. Where it comes from, nobody knows. However, a story has been handed down for generations: one night, after the curfew, a drunken alderman was on his way home from one of the countless wine taverns. Suddenly, his companion heard the night watchman and leaned the drunken alderman against the pillar to distract the watchman. When the watchman had gone, he fetched the alderman again. But what had happened? The column had turned blue. The "blue" state of the alderman had coloured the column. Whether it really happened that way will probably remain a Memmingen secret forever.