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Costumed and special tours

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Memminger Christmas market

25.11 - 18.12.2022
Align time for the first Advent, the Christkindlesmarkt – Christmas Market – is opened by torchlight by the Lord Mayor and the Christ Child. Until shortly before Christmas, around 30 stalls offer their Christmas goods, framed by the town hall, guildhall, custom’s house and beautiful town houses.


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Costumed tours

Experience the city in a very special  way! You can discover  Memmingen in the evening with the night watchman, experience the differences of the two desperate housewives in a play, eavesdropping on them in a the perfect setting  filled with baroque charm or learn all kinds of things about the time while enjoying a little treat.



All prices are valid for groups with a maximum of 20 persons. It goes without saying that we adhere to the safety and hygiene concept.

Desperate Housewives in the 17th century

The"desperate housewives" of the 17th century are the Memminger tour guides Sabine Streck and Heidi Stölzle, portraying a time around 350 years in the past as "Streckin" and "Stölzlin". One is from the wealthy middle class while the other is from the poor artisan lower class. There’s certainly plenty of fuel for the fire when it comes to making the social differences clear!
Participants on this costume tour will be involved in the ups and downs of daily life, in gossip about a strict "breeding order" in the former imperial city, and so much more!

Amusing, charming, bitchy, highly informative and - not just for women!


Price:€ 170,00 (Duration 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

Witches, hangmen and good-for-nothings

On this evening tour through the city, comical and tragic stories from Memmingen's criminal history are presented to you by the night watchman. Mysteries such as the basilisk and Vogelmann’s execution await the fearless guests. During this guided tour, you can explore places such as the Witches’ Tower, Paris House or the Executioner’s House from a completely different perspective of Memmingen’s history. This tour can be booked from September to April.


Price:€ 90,00 (Duration 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz or the Witches’ Tower (Hexenturm)

Sugar, stucco and décolletage

Following the Thirty Years’ War, an era of Baroque joie de vivre changed life in Memmingen. Sweet confectionery, porcelain, more revealing dresses, and wigs; indulgence was the order of the day. Who became rich from the cotton trade, and were there also losers? We’ll uncover the traces and secrets of this fascinating time.


Price:€ 90,00 (Duration 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Fuggerbau on Schweizerberg

Kreuzherrnsaal Memmingen - Crusaders’ Hall

The Crusaders’ Hall with its valuable Wessobrunner stucco ceiling is a magnificent highlight of our guided tours. On request a tour of the Crusaders’ Hall can be booked at any time. 

Culinary guided tours

Discover highlights of the city through a tasting. Our experienced tour guides will bring you to some delicious corners. During a varied location-hopping tour, you will also learn all sorts of things about Memmingen’s rich city history in a convivial atmosphere.

All prices are valid for groups up to a maximum of 14 people. It goes without saying that we always adhere to the safety and hygiene concept  

Genusstour "Geschichten zum Genießen"

Der Markt in Memmingen versorgt seit dem Mittelalter jeden Dienstag und Samstag die Menschen mit frischen Lebensmitteln. Er gehört zu den schönsten Attraktionen der Stadt. Ein Grund mehr ihn mit einer kulinarischen Führung zu würdigen. Die Gäste werden an Marktständen, in Cafés, Restaurants und Feinkostgeschäften mit regionalen und internationalen Spezialitäten verwöhnt. Garniert wird das Ganze mit Geschichten aus der Memminger Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Der genussvolle Spaziergang, der von verschiedenen kulinarischen Stopps begleitet wird, animiert die Stadt zu besuchen. 

Kosten: 30,00 € p.P. 

Treffpunkt: Hallhof am Kriegerdenkmal 


Memmingen unterhaltsam erleben

"Geschichte hat mich schon immer begeistert. Ich zeige den Gästen gerne unsere schöne Stadt und unterhalte sie mit Geschichte und „Geschichtle“"                                                                                                    – Stadtführerin Sabine Rogg

Guided tours during Advent and Christmas

It's getting very Christmassy...
Are you still looking for a programme item for your Christmas party or would you like to bring the year to an entertaining close with your clique?
We have atmospheric, Christmas-themed guided tours for you in the programme.
All prices are valid for groups up to a maximum of 20 persons. It goes without saying that we adhere to the safety and hygiene concept.

Schwäbisch vernacular - "Aheba weard’s Weihnachta" - Christmas is on the way

Many people associate Advent and Christmas with memories of bygone times. For many people, Christmas is an immersion in the familiar and a home away from home. Of course, this also includes the language of home, the vernacular. Together we want to escape the hectic of the "deceleration time" and get in the mood for the coming days with cheerful and contemplative dialect texts.


Price:€ 75,00 (Duration 1 to 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Deutsche Bank at the Marktplatz

"Winter time and starry magic"

An old "recipe" from our ancestors against long and cold winter nights: Sensual pleasure in the bathhouses, conviviality in merry company as well as special events in snow and ice! These things "brightened up" everyday life and provided variety during the dark season to the citizens of the imperial city. A glance into the firmament offered stars falling from the sky, blood-red dragons and "terrifying" comets which did not bode well. But it didn’t always mean looking into the sky when the Memmingen folk saw stars...oh no!...but??? We’ll be happy to tell you all about it during this exciting tour!


Price:€ 75,00 (Duration 1 to 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Deutsche Bank at the Marktplatz