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Children’s tours

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Memminger Christmas market

25.11 - 18.12.2022
Align time for the first Advent, the Christkindlesmarkt – Christmas Market – is opened by torchlight by the Lord Mayor and the Christ Child. Until shortly before Christmas, around 30 stalls offer their Christmas goods, framed by the town hall, guildhall, custom’s house and beautiful town houses.


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Children’s tours

Varied, safe and educational. We offer our little explorers entertaining and exciting tours through the colourful old town The ideal highlight for any children’s birthday party or the perfect choice for a school or kindergarten outing. 

In Memmingen, even the little ones get their money's worth.

 All prices are valid for groups up to 20 children. It goes without saying that we adhere to the safety and hygiene concept.



City history adventure

On this historical tour through the old town, our young guests learn a lot of interesting facts about our city’s past in an exciting and age-appropriate way. This tour is particularly suitable for children, school classes and youth groups. 


Price:€ 55,00 € (Duration 1 hour) | School year 4 up to 18 years of age. 1 to 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Marktplatz, train station or bus station

Hands-on children’s tours “He who lies once...”

...won’t be believed...” But maybe it’s really true! With the almost unbelievable stories to be heard on this hands-on city tour and the mysterious things to be discovered, alert children are needed to decide: True or False? 


Price:55,00 € (Duration 1 hour) | Ages 5 - 7 years
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

The old city zoo

Lions, snakes, storks, horses...a rich and colourful variety of either painted or bronze or otherwise depicted animals frolic around Memmingen’s old city centre. Children and adults will discover some eye opening things about the houses and alleys on this special guided tour of the city. By the way: who knows where we can find a camel in our old town zoo? 


Price:55,00 € (Duration 1 hour) | School years 1 to 4
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

Witches, executioners and ghosts - a creepy tour for children

We follow the traces of the Maiden of the Keys, the Little Piper and other legendary figures from Memmingen. The children are playfully guided through the town by the night watchmen. 


Price:55,00 € (Duration 1 hour) | Children up to 12 years
Meeting place:Witches’ Tower (Hexenturm in Schlossergasse)

Journey back to the middle ages


An interactive costumed tour for children up to the age of 10.



Travel back in time to a bygone era with Barbara Beck, the wife of a rich salt merchant! How did Memmingen folk live 500 years ago? Which dangers faced them back then? What does the “white gold” have to do with Memmingen?


You can find out about this and much more in this exciting city tour. 


Price:€ 55,00 (Duration 1 hour) | Children up to 10 years
Meeting place:Fountain at the Marktplatz

Highlight für Kinder und Schulklassen

"Memmingen kann auf eine sehr lange und abwechslungsreiche Geschichte zurückblicken. Ich liebe es, Geschichte lebendig werden zu lassen und Kindern und Schulgruppen die Stadt zu zeigen."                               – Stadtführerin Birgit Kitzmann

Adventure Rally

If a city tour isn’t possible, you &your youngsters can explore the city alone using the children’s rally flyer.