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Art and walking tours

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Memminger Christmas market

25.11 - 18.12.2022
Align time for the first Advent, the Christkindlesmarkt – Christmas Market – is opened by torchlight by the Lord Mayor and the Christ Child. Until shortly before Christmas, around 30 stalls offer their Christmas goods, framed by the town hall, guildhall, custom’s house and beautiful town houses.


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Guided art tours

Memmingen is a lively city and still has a lot to offer in terms of culture.


In the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, you may notice interesting things out of the corner of your eye, but pay them only brief attention because you lack the time and have no background information about the sculptures, paintings or fountains. Our guided art tours through the old town will change all that. A whole series of renowned contemporary visual artists have lived and worked in the region. You will find many of their works distributed around the city in "public spaces".


All prices are valid for groups with a maximum of 20 persons. It goes without saying that we adhere to the safety and hygiene concept.



Max Pöppel - sculptor and artist

A search for traces at Memmingen’s Forest Cemetery (Waldfriedhof). The renowned Memmingen sculptor Max Pöppel created numerous works not only in the inner city and residential areas of Memmingen, but also in the forest cemetery. The “Deposition from the Cross” in the apse of the funeral hall is today acknowledged as one of his best works, along with the Fisher’s Fountain (Fischerbrunnen). Fountains, devotional pictures, sculptures and gravestones bear his signature. After visiting the funeral hall, our path leads to the grave sites of the late Memminger Lord Mayor Rudolf Machnig and the Memminger coffee house owner Maria Rieger ("Café Rieger" in Maximilianstraße), among others. Max Pöppel formed a very deep friendship with Maria Rieger. The forest cemetery is a place of remembrance, also of art and town history.. 


Price:€ 75,00 (Duration 1½ hours)
Meeting place:Entrance to the funeral hall, Waldfriedhof Memmingen

Art in public spaces

Guided art tour through the Memmingen’s old town:


As representatives of modern and contemporary art, quite a few artists have left their mark on Memmingen's urban space with their works. These are the artists active here since 1945: Helmut Ackermann, Jürgen Batscheider, Andreas Brauneis, Hermann Giesecke, Diether Kunerth, Erich Marschner, Matthias Natterer and Max Pöppel. A wander around their works brings the history of the city to life in a very special way. Murals and sculptures, fountains and reliefs all tell the stories of the places and their inhabitants. On this entertaining city walk you will experience art from realism to abstraction. This tour is ideal for both art lovers and friends of the city's history.


Prices:€ 75,00 (Duration 1¾ hours) | € 55,00 for school classes
Meeting place:Deutsche Bank at the Marktplatz

Memmingens Lieblingsorte erleben

"Der Blick vom Schrannenplatz zur Frauenkirche ist mein ganz persönliches Highlight und ein toller Ort zum Verweilen, Bestaunen oder Erleben"                                                                                                          – Kunstführerin Andrea Himmelsbach

Hiking tours

On into nature!


While you let your soul drift through the greenery on a relaxing ramble, our countryside guide Katherina Standhartinger will not only show you the scenic features of the region, but also impart a lot of interesting facts about local history along the way.



All prices are valid for groups up to a maximum of 20 persons. It goes without saying that we adhere to the safety and hygiene concept.

Going to the border - Memmingen’s state border

The circular walk leads from Ferthofen to the western edge of the isolated farming areas between Dickenreishausen and Volkratshofen, then over the plateau to the Iller and back to the meeting point. With stories about the origins of Illerfeld Castle and about the border river Iller, the tour ends on the Iller crossing into Baden-Württemberg, which has been strategically important and hotly contested since time immemorial.


Prices:on request
Meeting place:Hiker’s parking area in Ferthofen

Diversity in the Illerfeld - history and stories from prehistory to modernity

The trail leads past the mysterious "Celtic hills" down to the Mooshausen weir in the once unruly river, which, fed by mountain water, has now been used to generate electricity for many years. The countryside guide talks about the inhabitants and legacies of the ancient settlement area on the Iller plateaus and reports about the mammoth technical projects “Iller correction” and “electrification”, which have fundamentally changed the Iller.


Prices:on request
Meeting place:A96 underpass on Brunner Straße between Volkratshofen and Brunnen)/td>

This spring is the source of Memmingen’s water supply.

This walk deals with the most important, natural basic requirement for any human settlement: Where does the life-giving, thirst-quenching, purifying water for the inhabitants come from and how can its power be harnessed? On a circular walk through the area of conflict between urbanity and nature conservation, countryside guide Katherina Standhartinger provides an insight into how the Benninger Ried (Benningen marshland), with its enormous "spring discharge", has been supplying Memmingen with sufficient water since time immemorial. She takes you to the "birthplace" of the Memminger Ach and lets you in on some of the secrets of its many side channels.


Prices:on request
Meeting place:Train station"entrance to the footbridge"/td>

Not just for Fishermen’s Day - the “Stadtbach” waterway as a lifeline

Together with Katherina Standhartinger, we follow the city stream through Memmingen’s old town, all the way to the “City spectacles" and beyond the city wall into the "Neue Welt", a once fallow wetland that has become very popular as a local recreation area since the State Garden Show 2000. On this tour, the countryside guide revives all kinds of stories and reports on the many ways in which the city watercourse has served the city's inhabitants over the centuries. She also reveals where the flowing waters disappear to when the city stream is drained following the Fishermen’s Day festival.


Prices:on request
Meeting place:Train station"entrance to the footbridge"/td>

Sunset for hours - on the road to the west of Memmingen.

Set out with Katherina Standhartinger on a discovery tour west of Memmingen. Although our city extends far beyond its medieval fortifications in this direction as well, this walk along “country” paths offers the best opportunity to gain views and insights beyond the everyday. She explains what Memmingen’s “Verschönerungsverein” (beautification association) is all about, what happened on the “Hühnerberg” before, during and after the Second World War, and why respected Memmingen citizens liked to get married in the Buxach church in the past. Through the idyllic valley of the Buxach river, whose cultural history has been shaped by the abundance of water, we then return to the meeting point via the Spitalmühle (hospital mill).


Prices:on request
Meeting place:BBZ car park (Bodenseestraße)/td>

Eduard Flach paths around Memmingen

Eduard-Flach-Straße, Eduard-Flach-Monument, Flach-Villa, Flachweg, Flach-Spazierwege - the name of the honorary citizen is ever present in Memmingen. On an autumnal circular walk with countryside guide Katherina Standhartinger, you will explore the "Flach paths", which the Memmingen Beautification Association with its dedicated chairman Eduard Flach had laid out in the south-west of the city at the turn of the 20th century. En route between the Bismarck Tower and Dickenreishausen, the guide will acquaint you with the special features of these paths through nature close to the city and tell you about the history and stories that can be found along the way.


Prices:on request
Meeting place:BBZ car park (Bodenseestraße)/td>
Kosten:auf Anfrage
Treffpunkt:Parkplatz BBZ (Bodenseestraße)

Ab ins Grüne

"Ich hatte selbst als Grundschülerin bereits große Freude am Fach „Heimatkunde“ und habe diese Vorliebe bei meinen Wanderführungen wiederentdeckt."                                                           – Landführerin Katherina Standhartinger